Under The Mud (2007)

Friday, March 21, 2008

With a tip of the cap to early Mike Leigh films and Trainspotting, Under The Mud tells the story of a working class family in Liverpool struggling to keep the family unit together. Joe Potts, the patriarch of the oddball family, has loose ties with the Liverpool underworld, and despite Joe’s obvious flaws as a father and husband, he makes great effort to ensure that his family remains together. The glue that binds is family friend Magic, who finds himself as mediator, motivator and conscience of the family. Written by Liverpudlian teenagers, Under The Mud explores deteriorating family values with human compassion and quite a bit of humour. An exceptionally detailed view of the modern working class British family, the film is one of the best examples of the struggles these families face to stay together. The small victories in life are what keep this family going in spite of the near-daily chaos.



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