Past Exam Questions (OCR)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

  • Discuss what you consider to have been the strengths of the British cinema industry in recent years.
  • "The country of origin of a film is irrelevant. Why should we be bothered if all the films at our cinemas were made in the USA?" Discuss this view.

  • Discuss the view that British films, regardless of their quality, struggle to achieve commercial success.
  • "The British film industry mainly consists of a wealthy and privileged elite who represent British culture in a very narrow way." Discuss this view.

JUNE 2006

  • How has the British film industry managed to survive?

  • How far is it important, for Britain to have a successful film industry?

JUNE 2005
  • How far has the success of British fims since 1990 been due to their representation of 'Britishness'?

  • Why is it important for Britain to have a film industry?

JUNE 2004
  • What factors have contributed to the success, in the UK and/or abroad, of British films produced since 1990?

JUNE 2003
  • What factors determine whether or not a film can be defined as 'British'?

JUNE 2002
  • With Reference to at least two British films made since 1990, analyse how their content and style reflect attitudes and conditions in Britain at the time that the films were made.


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